Turlock Parent Participation Nursery school - a unique place to learn
TNS Staff
Turlock Nursery School has a wonderful, caring and experienced staff.

Our director, Julie Johnson, has been with the school for over 34 years. Her talents are invaluable to the daily activities of our school. She will be retiring June of 2017 and we will transition to a new director for the 2017-18 school year. She will still be a valuable source for our school.

This will be the fifth year for  teacher Jaime Dunn. She is a TNS alumni parent and has been involved with the school since 1998.  

 Our afternoon teacher, Mary Dalton has also been with us for an impressive 18 years. Her passion for early childhood development shows in her work and the children benefit from the smaller class size and afternoon activities.                                           

Lori Fox is new to TNS. She joined our teaching team in the fall of 2015 and has been such a gift to our program. Lori has 20 years of teaching experience with preschool age children.

Substitute Teachers:
Diana Endsley has been with us for 10 enjoyable years. She is retiring as  teacher, but will still be an important part of the school as a substitute teacher and volunteer.

Adeline Johnson and Kathy Bishop are both retired TNS teachers and have been with the school for many years. They both assist when needed in the morning Nursery school programs and special events.                      
  •  Board Members: Turlock Nursery School  has a dedicated board made up of parent volunteers. This elected board meets monthly to manage the day to day functions of the school and to make sure we are providing a rich learning environment that is in accordance to our mission statement.                      
  • Parents: Because we are a parent participation nursery school, parents are also involved in the day to day operations. These include: assisting the teachers in class, classroom management, cleaning and student safety. As a TNS parent you are part of our school day and an important part in the connection between home and school. 
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