Turlock Parent Participation Nursery school - Our Mission
Turlock Parent Participation Nursery school - a unique place to learn
Our Mission
 Turlock nursery school is an educational organization devoted to preschool age children and their families. Its goals are to provide a warm and inviting environment and to create a well-equipped setting that allows children to safely and freely explore    
their environment.

Our goals for each child in our program:
  • Develop a positive self image
  • Develop self-expression and creativity
  • Increase independence
  • Learn to be with other children and work in groups
  • Develop responsibility
Parent Participation
We believe that the parent is the first and best teacher for the preschool child. This is the foundation of our parent co-op philosophy. Parents are required to work in the classroom during our morning preschool session either once, or twice a month depending on the amount of time their child is enrolled in school. These participation mornings are a wonderful way to experience learning and growth with your child.
More about our school
Turlock Nursery School is designed to meet the needs of the "whole child" that is, their physical, creative, social, cognitive, and emotional development. Our school offers a balanced curriculum that allows for total growth and development.
The preschool program alternates between active and quiet times, indoor and outdoor activities, group and individual play, art, music, crafts, language arts, dramatic play, block play, science, story-telling and dictation, creative expression, fine and large motor skills, problem solving skills and socialization.
The educational needs and methods of learning for a preschool child vary dramatically from those of an older child. "Play is the work of the young child." Young children need to move about, experiment, explore and touch, rather than to sit, be lectured to, and do worksheets. Their learning is active and not passive.
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